Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mold Remediation Company

Mold can be troublesome and damaging to property such as houses, yards or sheds and many others. As a result, there is a need to control the molds before they get out of hand. Mold remediation is the deliberate effort made to remove, clean, sanitize, demolish, or any other treatment, including preventive measures of mold. The process is exclusive and involves several processes such as air testing, zoning, and isolation of the affected areas and the actual removal of the mold. That means to get the best out of the services you need to hire a competent mold remediation company. Therefore, before you outsource the services consider asking the firm the following questions.

How competent are the staff?
The first question you need to demand answers to is the quality of the staff. For quality mold remediation services, you need the services of professionals who are well trained, experienced, reputable and licensed. Further, you need to find out whether the personnel are certified by the relevant bodies to offer the services. A qualified team should also be honest, transparent, accountable and responsible for all their actions. Learn more here.

What mold testing methods do they use?
Another thing to ask is the manner in which the company test for the mold and the air around the area or home. There are two main techniques used in testing mold concentration in the air. They include Air-O-Cell testing, in which air sample is captured in a cassette and sent to scientists can determine the concentration and InstaScope testing which an equipment is used to test the air and result obtained instantly. IntraScpoe is for accurate and timely compared to Air-O-Cell testing.

Does the firm have a comprehensive insurance cover?
During the remediation, the accidents or injuries may occur since they use tools and interact with a risky environment. Subsequently, damage or loss can occur on the part on the client's property. To ensure you do not incur additional expense to cater for the accidents, injuries, losses or damages, choose a company that has comprehensive liability insurance.

Is there a guarantee for the work?
During the mold remediation process, there are chances that some mold may return. As a result, you need to ensure the company does post-remediation testing before leaving to ensure the work is effective. A reliable and credible mold remediation company should guarantee their work to cover for the job in case the mold reemerges after the initial mold remediation process.

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